19 October 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Newspaper Flashbacks - Carry Nation smashes first saloon...

Conway Springs Star & Argonia Argosy
21 February 2013

From the Star Files
February 1933

Local thermometers registered 10 to 14 degrees below zero during the winter's worst cold wave which hit here.  High wind made that night and Tuesday morning most disagreeable.  The wind subsided Tuesday night but the thermometer went on down to 18 below, with 20 below Wednesday morning.  Failure of the local gas supply to meet the demand caused a lot of inconvenience in homes and places of business and caused school to be dismissed all day Tuesday.

I. R. Attebury, who is the new state superintendent for the Western Telephone Corp., was in Conway Springs last week making plans for State Office to be in operation here by March 1.

The Rev. J. W. Winrod of Wichita will speak here Thursday night at 7:30 in the Christian church.  Mr. Winrod was the bartender of the  first saloon which Carry Nation smashed.  Immediately after smashing his saloon, Mrs. Nation became world famous.  Mr. Winrod will tell his experience in the old saloon and how Carry Nation was instrumental in putting him into the ministry.  He has recently returned fro a speaking tour through Pennsylvania and New York state.  He has seen both sides ad says that Prohibition at its worst is better than the old saloon at its best. 

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