28 October 2013

Amanuensis Monday - February 1913 - Conway Springs (Kansas) Star

Conway Springs Star & Argonia Argosy
7 February 2013

From the Star Files 
February 1913

The Home Telephone and Water Company has closed a deal for a new water tower to be built on the site of the old one near the Missouri Pacific depot.  The work of the erection will begin just as soon as the weather will permit.  It will be higher than the old one and have a capacity of 70,000 gallons.  The old standpipe has served Conway Springs for 25 years.  The new one will be of a different model, a large tub supported by steel towers.

There will be a big stock sale at Viola Wednesday, Feb. 19 when Charles Dalbom and F. A. Little will sell a large umber of good horse and mules.

Tuesday and Wednesday were probably the coldest days we have had this winter, but with a heavy snow on the ground and no high wind, the wheat fields were protected and such weather was very beneficial to the country even if it was hard on coal piles.

Wm. Wycoff says this morning that there are some very deep snow drifts in the roads in some places and he is not delivering mail in his auto this week.

Conway Springs post office hours are 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Mails close mornings at 8:30 and 10:30; evenings at 6:45.

Joel Campbell was appointed city marshal when Mr McCollough could not serve and will probably remain on the job.

Martin Bolmer is now assistant Y.M.C.A. secretary at Coffeyville.  Martin is an earnest and energetic young fellow and he will be missed by his co-workers in the Methodist church here.

Mrs. A. L. Fullerton left Friday evening for DuBois, Neb., where she will visit her two grandchildren a few days, then go on to St. Joseph, Mo. to buy her spring millinery.

Mrs. Jacob Funk was here from Peabody the first of the week to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs. A. (Lydia) Landis.

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