30 September 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Flashbacks from Milan and Argonia, Kansas

From Argonia Argosy Files
One Hundred Ten Years Ago, November 1899

Reprinted in the Conway Springs Star & Argonia Argosy 12 November 2009

Argonia Clipper History

   Milan is adding two rooms to the parsonage which will make it a very comfortable residence.

   At a meeting of the Christian church in Milan F. M. Shore was appointed elder and J. G. Bailey, Sr., Jesse Rhodes and Mrs. Shobe, deacons. At a meeting which closed Sunday night thirteen were received by confession, three reclaimed and five by letter.

   The ladies of the Milan Helping Union will give an entertainment at the M. E. church Thanksgiving evening.

   At a recent revival at the Methodist church in Conway Springs there were sixty conversions and sixty-four accession.

   Another item in the Clipper told of the organization of a county temperance league whose purpose was to raise $10,000 with which to suppress the joints and gambling dives in every town in the county where they exist.  Rev. Cunningham of Wellington was elected president.  None of the officers named were from Argonia.  The interesting name of the organization was "The County Law Lovers League."

Fast Forward to 1939
Organizations in Argonia in 1939 were: The IOOF organized in 1885 was an extremely active organization.  The Masons organized in 1913 are also active in the community. Eastern Star obtained their charter in 1921.  The Rebeccas were organized early but during the World War disband but reorganized in 1925 with a new charter.  The Junior Library Club was organized and sponsored by the Argonia Library Association.

Civic Club president is Howard Jones; vice-president, W. G. Buser; secretary-treasurer, Virgil Ingram.  City officials in 1939 were Mayor R. W. Karnahan; clerk, G. M. Pohlenz; treasurer, L. B. Mitchel. Councilmen: George Achelpohl, M. H. Haworth, A. O. Swan, Luther Phillips and M. H. Wooden.

Argonia business places in 1939 were Argonia Cleaners, Argonia Drug, Argonia Mill, Argonia Produce, Argonia Shoe Shop, Argonia Undertaking Company, Argonia Argosy, Bates Service Station, Badiger Lumber Company, Bettis Wood Shops, Bringer Implement, Brown Poultry, Buser Oil, Coffman and son; Copeland Creamery, Frank Cornwell, Dr. Craig, Harry Doll, Dutch's Quick Lunch, Elarton Garage, Factor Barber Shop, George's Market, Gingham Girls Cafe, Forrest Implement, Hamilton and Newby, Hammnd and Haworth, Hartle Garage, Haworth's Store, Hunter Milling Company, Hometown Grocery, Johnson's Cafe, J. B. Supply, Lee and Stehle, Lee's Repair Shop, Leu Variety, Logue Oil Co., Main's Store, Farmers and Merchants State Bank.