26 August 2014

Amanuensis Monday - Caldwell Newspaper Flashbacks for August 20, 2014

Caldwell Messenger Flashbacks – August 20, 2014

August 17, 1914
The Kansas wheat yield was the largest in history, 130 million bushels, and the corn crop is forecast at 180 million.

C. W. Cupp’s automobile was sold at auction on the street for $155 to John Metzinger, who failed to make it run and hauled it home with the aid of a horse  Later he found out it was out of gas.

August 15, 1924
New Kimono silks at Neal and Brown.  Just $2 a yard. 

August 16, 1924
Farmers Coop is offering coal for your heat this winter.  Price is $9 to $12 a ton.

A young Kingman man didn’t yell once when a physician picked out 43 #7 shot out of his body.  The surgeon wouldn’t give the boy’s name but said he had been helping some young ladies “get” some watermelons from a farmer’s patch.  The farmer shot true and the doctor did the rest.