02 April 2012

Amanuensis Monday - from the February 18, 2010 Conway Springs Star-Argonia Argosy

Reprinted on February 18, 2010
Conway Springs (Kansas) Star Files from February 1900


The spelling match and box supper was well attended last Tuesday night and everybody reported a pleasant and profitable time.  Miss Maude Wycoff spelled down the school.

The boys have their football at last and now they will keep the "grid iron hot."

Alva Dautrich is getting to be quite a performer on the flute.  Ed Lange is studying on the mandolin and A. O. Harvey is taking voice lessons.  Among them all we have a variety.

Charley Skiles lingered a little too long in the parlor last Sunday night and his horse went home with the buggy, leaving Charley to walk.

Invitations for the masquerade ball at the opera house the evening of Valentine's Day, are being sent out.  This weill be the last of the season and great preparations are being made for the event.

The post office department will have ready for issue within three months books of postage stamps.  The book will be of convenient size, that it may be carried in the vest pocket, and will be issued in three classes, namely books of twelve, twenty-four and forty-eight.  The books will sell at 1 cent advance on the face value of the stamps.

Miss Ida Frantz returned Wednesday from McPherson where she had been attending Bible Normal at the Dunkard school.

Uncle Thomas Graham is a general favorite on the school grounds.  About two hundred and fifty know that he has a sharp knife when they have a dull pencil.