08 April 2014

Amanuensis Monday - Roll of Honor - Union Soldiers - Grand Army of the Republic - Sumner County, Kansas

The Roll of Honor

Following is a complete list of the Union soldiers 
who have died while members of James Shields Post No. 57, 
Wellington, Kansas, together with date of death, 
where the same is known:

Thomas Dixon, Coler, April 20th, 1872.
James E. Reed, January 21st, 1880.
W. C. Crawford, March 26th, 1882.
Thos. J. Mulholland, November 25th, 1883.
J. R. Pierce, March 1st, 1891.
Stephen Cooper, April 1879.
0. J. Shafer, April 3rd, 1881.
Henry Wagoner, July 1881.
George Marshall
J. B. Davis.
A. L. Bowman.
J. W. Thompson.
W. S. Gephart.
F. Wells.
John M. Kelly, October 15th, 1896
John Nichols, December 8th, 1897
G. W. Fegley, December 13th, 1897
John Hoyt, November 26th, 1889
Jas. P. Hall, January 29th, 1882.
John Wright, November 18th, 1893
William Ferguson, May 25th, 1894
J. E. Logan, May 26th, 1895.
C. A. Crawford, March 5th, 1897
R. G. Thompson, Aug. 31, 1899.
John Irelan, Feb. 3rd, 1900.
Uriah McDonald, Dec. 23rd, 1901
John Nance, June 28th, 1901.
Henry Dunning, Nov. 17th, 1892
William Begley, Dec. 12th, 1906
Lewis Mossaman, June 5th, 1908
Samuel White, May 4th, 1909.
Andrew Tinkham, Nov. 30th, 1909
J. H. Lawrence, Dec. 2, 1894
I. N. Beard, July 16th, 1879.
Andrew Carr, July 4th, 1895.
E. B. Dolson, March 26th, 1897.
W. H. Keever, May 30th, 1898.
Alex McIntyre. June 11th, 1892.
W. 0. Barnett, June 9th, 1895.
J. R. Ward, April 13th, 1886.
W. L. Hollingsworth, Feb. 6th, 1884
L. A. Simmons, Dec. 5th, 1888.
James Holland, Feb. 6th, 1888.
Porter Goodnight, June 18th, 1889
J. H. O'Rear.
James McDougall, Jan. 21st. 1879
W. C. Pine, March 24th, 1885.
David L. Payne, Nov. 28th, 1884
William A. Tucker, June 6th, 1893
James Anderson, Nov. 28th, 1886
Henry Godsey, May 31st, 1884
John M. Reynolds, April 29th, 1880
Dennison Herrick, July 2nd, 1882
Isiah A. McClasky, May 2nd, 1887
E. B. Thompson, Jan. 8th, 1887
D. W. VanHorn, March 1st, 1899
Orville Smith, March 2nd, 1899
Joseph T. Palmer. June 23rd, 1899
C. W. Gano, Aug. 11th, 1899.
Samuel Taylor, Oct. 6th, 1899.
Alfred Gressel, Dec. 7th, 1890.
L. K. Myers, June 8th, 1891.
26 John Botkin, June 10th. 1891.
William A. McDonald, June 1892.
John R. Latta, June 10th, 1894
Amos H. Botkin, June 19th, 1894
Micheal Wilson, July 1896.
Thos, McMahan, March 2nd, 1900
Cyrus Hamilton, April 9th, 1900
Samuel Bain, April 9th, 1900.
W. S. Pile, April 16th, 1900.
F. B. Mardis, April 20th, 1900
I. J. Stewart, May 20th, 1900.
John A. Bishop, July 4th, 1900
Geo. D. Armstrong, Oct. 5th, 1900
William Strahan, Oct. 21st, 1900
Z. Miexsell, June 2nd, 1901.
Silas Herring, Oct. 26th, 1901
John Stettler, Feb. 1st, 1902.
R. M. Forsythe, Oct. 10th, 1902
Levi C. Guthrie, June 6th, 1903
John K. Moore, April 2nd, 1903
W. H. Volts, May 9th, 1903.
Samuel Fox, May 11th, 1903.
Levi Richard, Dec. 19th, 1903
Frederick Boory, March 6th, 1904
Chas. H. Deshler, Nov. 10th, 1905
Geo. W. Tooley, October 3rd, 1905
Thos. J. Sargent, April 22nd, 1906
Thomas White, April 22nd, 1906
Andrew J. Gilliland, April 25th, 1906
Henry T. Hyser, Jan. T6th,1903
John M. Reynolds, Feb. 5th, 1907
David L. Pugh, March 24th, 1907
Geo. W. Stipp, June 29th, 1907
Robert S. Millard, July 31st, 1907
Mons Davidson, Sept. 12th, 1907
Wesley G. Foraker, Oct. 10th, 1907
Giles R. Davis. Nov. 11th, 1907
William E. Rush, Nov. 13th, 1907.
Joseph M. Dodd, Dec. 7th, 1907.
Joseph W Showalter, Jan. 14th, 1908
Mark Ward, March 11th, 1908.
W. S. Chambers, July 18th, 1908.
A. W. Sherman, Aug. 28th, 1908.
Hiram Myers, Jan. 26th, 1909.
W. P. Lenker, Feb. 9th, 1909.
J. D. Forsythe, April 20th, 1909.
J. Q. A. Beal, April 13th, 1910.
W. J. Lingenfelter, July 28th, 1910.
W. D. Adkins, Sept. 3rd, 1910.
A. A. Beal, Nov. 8th, 1910.
Webster Lynch.
Levi Ferguson, Aug. 10th, 1911.
John G. Woods, June 8th, 1912.
J. F. Eckert, June 27th, 1912.
G. W. Friend, July 8th, 1912.
William T. Spivey, Sept. 4th,1912.
Thomas Marshall, Oct. 14th, 1912.
Thos. Dickerson, Sept. 21st, 1913.

Excerpted from Page 4 of the Wellington Daily News, 29 May 1914.
Many of these men are probably buried in Sumner County cemeteries, and when time permits, we may be able to find their burial places and link to them here.