23 September 2012

Amanuensis Monday - Flashbacks from the Caldwell (Kansas) Messenger

Here are a few tidbits - reprinted with permission from the September 19, 2012, Caldwell Messenger, Caldwell, Kansas.

September 6, 1882

G. W. Miller had five or six teams hauling wire and posts from Caldwell to his pasture south of Deer Creek.

Sixty of the old soldiers at Caldwell were planning on attending the state fair in Topeka.  A special fare of $4.80 was offered.

The east roundup at Pond Creek was a decided success. The strays being brought in at a cost of 5 cents on the dollar of their values. Cattle were recovered that had been out for over two years.

September 13, 1922

Capture two stills in Arkansas City.  Two fully equipped stills, capable, they say, of turning out enough "corn" to supply all thirsty dwellers in this part of the state.

Si Sprague was down the first part of the week wiring his mother's house for electric lights.

September 15, 1922

Sunday - fried chicken 35 cents - Iles Cafe. 

September 18, 1922

Pity the bootlegger. Prohibitory violators will get stuck with $1,000 extra taxes.


  1. Those tidbits sure bring you back in time. Fried Chicken for 35 cents...

    Regards, Jim
    Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

    1. It does take us back in time, doesn't it! I love reading the Flashback sections of our county newspapers!