10 September 2012

Amanuensis Monday - Flashbacks - Caldwell (Kansas) Messenger - September 5, 2012

Here are a few tidbits - reprinted with permission from the Caldwell, Messenger, Caldwell, Kansas.

August 31, 1882

A whole gang of pretty school marms passed through Caldwell en route for the agencies for positions.

August 31, 1892

Chas. H. Fay & Co. advertised that there was no sand in their sugar and no impurities in their tea.

John Blair had a shoulder broken when a riding horse fell with him on a slippery road.

H. A. Ross and Co. took a large advertisement telling people that they were too busy to write an ad but not too busy to sell merchandise.

The campaign was waxing hot - The Populist Party at that time being in their hey day.

September 4, 1892

Elton Scribner died of typhoid fever.

There were 16 road shows scheduled to appear at the Caldwell Opera House during the fall months.

September 5, 1912

Much space was being used to "lambast" Teddy Roosevelt and the Bull Moose party.

September 4, 1922

All Drury cottages are full for this week end.  There are many tents being put up for those wanting to stay from Saturday until Monday. 

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