12 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Georgie Gustler

This great photograph of Georgie Gustler was probably taken by his father, who was a professional photographer in the small picturesque Arkansas River town of Oxford, Kansas.

It's certainly not your everyday photograph with all the many things that are hanging on the tree and Georgie with a pair of scissors, so I have to wonder what the symbolism is about the photograph.  Was it just a fun photo that Georgie's father set up?  Or is it some kind of advertising photograph for his photography business?  Any suggestions would be most welcome!  

This photograph is located in the Beals' Family Pioneer Settler File at the Sumner County History and Genealogy Center in Wellington, Kansas.

Oxford, Kansas is home of the picturesque Oxford Mill, now on the National Register, photographs here,

More photographs here where the young people of Oxford have gotten involved with the preservation and promotion of the Mill.  Recently, two new walking trails were constructed near the mill.

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