07 May 2010

Ida Gustler and Son

While indexing the Pioneer Settler files, we are finding so many historic treasures: Gold Rush Migration letters, stories of Indian Raids and Massacres, and even some photographs.  

This photograph Ida Gustler and her son, George, located in the Beals Pioneer Settler Files, made me realize how much info can be shared just on the back of photographs.

Caption on back of photograph:

Ida Gustler & son George.  Her husband Louie was the photographer in Oxfrord.  She and Sarah Kerr were room mates in Colorado Springs while both spent time there recovering from T. B. illness.
Photographer info:
Iron Spring Pavilion
J. G. Hiestand
Manitou, Colo.
 It's wonderful to know that in the future, thanks to the generosity of one family, many descendants will be able to locate family photographs, read tidbits of their ancestor's lives, and also see photographs.

The back of this photograph, or perhaps in a detailed family history, may be the only place that descendants of Ida Gustler can learn that she spent time in Colorado recuperating from tuberculosis, and that her husband was a photographer in Oxford, Kansas.

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