30 August 2017

June 15, 1894 - Corbin News - page 359, Mayfield Then and Now

June 15, 1894 - Corbin News in the Mayfield Voice
Page 359, Mayfield: Then and Now

Charlie, when you go swimming, don't leave your clothes in the wagon unless you tie your team.
("Mayfield: Then and Now" co-author Elaine Clark's note: I'll bet everyone in Corbin - and many in Mayfield - knew Charlie's last name!)

(Sherry's Note: I love old newspapers!  You never know what you'll find when you turn the page, but small-town news often had cute little tidbits like this!)

The Mayfield Voice was published from March 16, 1894, until February 28, 1895.  Subscription price was $1.00 per year in advance, and it was published every Friday by Lyman Naugle. Office of Publication on Washington Avenue,Wellington, Kansas.  Telephone No. 26. 

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