06 May 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Flashbacks from the April 24th, 2013 Caldwell (Kansas) Messenger

Reprinted with permission from the Caldwell Messenger

April 19, 1883
Most astonishing claim yet of electricity - It has been proven possible to convey by its vibrations of light so that it is practicable not only to speak with a distant friend, but also to see him.

April 20, 1893
The proposed lottery plan for opening the Cherokee Strip to settlement was meeting with opposition.

The public well on South Main was being cleaned out.


April 23, 1903
County Attorney Wison cashed in a collection of mining stock certificates for $32,000.  They were acquired for a song while he was a Denver newspaper reporter from 1895 - 1897.


April 21, 1923
Dad's Cafe - Sunday
Soup, chicken with noodles, pork loin roast with brown gravy and horse radish, mashed potatoes, spinach garnished with lemon and eggs, apricot pie, Parkerhouse rolls 35 cents.

Airplane Exhibition and Passenger Carrying - northeast of Caldwell, all day Sunday.  $5 per passenger.

April 18, 1933
Oklahoma is taking drastic steps to aid schools.  In July, a tax of 2 cents on every dollar of retail sales will be assessed against all purchases in Oklahoma stores.  Also a tax of 3 cents a package on cigarettes should bring in $1,5000,000 annually - also to go to school aid.

Intramural punkin ball to start tomorrow.

Wheat again hits record high when it reaches 49 cents a bushel.  This is more than double the price offered in Caldwell less than four months ago.


April 19, 1933
Wheat prices up 2 cents more!


April 24, 1933
New Masonic Hall is now complete.  Believed to be one of the best in Sumner County.  Kitchen has hot and cold running water.


April 19, 1943
Job/wage freeze ordered for entire nation.  Will be backed by penalties as great as a thousand dollar fine and a year in prison.

Ration book No. 3 will be issued late in July.  Will be used primarily for shoes, sugar and coffee.


April 22, 1943
Bill Aakers, who joined the Navy last July, is now in North Africa.

A farmer who sells butter, lard, or any rationed food to a retailer must now collect ration points for the sale.

Less canned food to be available.  Compared with '42 there will be 11% less meat, 37% less canned shell fish, 21% less butter, 11% less cheese, 15% less canned milk, 51% less canned fruit, 27% less canned vegetables, 29% less coffee, and 60% less tea.


April 20, 1953
Presbyterian Church to celebrate 80th Anniversary.


April 19, 1973
Drury to be film site of Carradine movie. **

**  The filming of the David Carradine movie in Drury was literally the talk of the county for a short time, and many folks found themselves driving through Drury or nearby South Haven to try to catch a glimpse of David Carradine and wife Barbara.  SCHGS Vice President Sherry Kline and husband Norman and two of their cousins went to South Haven one evening on the off chance they might see Carradine.  They stopped at the little restaurant that was open then, and they did see Carradine and some of the other cast members.

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