13 August 2012

Amanuensis Monday - Conway Springs Star - December 1901

December 8, 2011 

From the Conway Springs Star Files of One Hundred Ten Years Ago, 
December 1901

Businesses advertising in December 1901: W.H. Hubbard; W. A. threw Drug Store; Asa Barnett Clothing and Furnishings; White House Hotel; N. W. Frantz Jewelry; R. A. McIlhenny Physician and Surgeon; Evans and Farris Physicians and Surgeions; J. C. Gillis Dentis; S. T. Beal Dentist; Monnet and Kirby Drug Store; Arnold’s Dry Goods; The Continental Creamery Co; Krebs Bros; clark’s Livery Barn;Model Barber Shop; W. A. Goble Clock Repairing; A. Graff; Rock Island Lumber Co; Clum’s Café; H. T. Bentley Flour and feed; J. H. Chenoweth, Furniture Dealer and Undertaker; Bon-Ton Bakery; Dudley and Myers; The Racket, Mrs. Campbell; Star Meat Market, J. N. Hunt, Prop; Badger Lumber and Hardware Co.

The Santa Fe gives all of its men not in the operating department a holiday on Thanksgiving day.

Oscar Hill, a Logan constable, had his skull broken by Joe Tibbs, who was being charged with bootlegging.

The growth receipts of Kansas post offices for the year was $1,756,400, or $1.20 per capita.

Drunks are of two kinds – plain and ornamental. In a general way we thought we understood the meaning of “a plain drunk.” But we didn’t quite. According to a man from Anson, who was real drunk in this town last night, a plain drunk is not “drunk and dressed up” but drunk and undressed.  Someone came to the tabernacle last night and called for Marshal Seymour.  He hurried downtown and found the man full of booze and walking around the street with nothing in the world covering his hide but a short undershirt.

The Kansas hen is not living up to her reputation this winter. Eggs are classed as luxuries and all kinds of coaxing won’t make the hens get down to business.

The annual rabbit hunt was held with captains being chosen as Dr. R. A. McIlhenny and H. T. Shobe. 395 rabbits were brought in which was not as many as in past years as more fences have been built since the last hunt. 

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