26 August 2010

2010 SCHGS Summer Contest Winners Announced!

L-R: Kris Arbuckle, Caldwell, Adult Division Winner with Elaine Clark

L-R: Jordyn Young, Winner of 12 & Under Division with Elaine Clark

Congratulations!  Contest Winners Announced!

On Monday, August 23rd, the Sumner County Historical & Genealogical Society met at Sumner Regional Medical Center and announced the winners for the Sumner County Summer Genealogy Contest.

Remembering Robert Wilson Willet...
Kris Arbuckle, Caldwell, won the adult category. Arbuckle's lively Powerpoint presentation with period music detailed the history (and family history) of major league baseball player Robert Wilson Willet, who is now buried in the Caldwell Cemetery.

Arbuckle, who had tears in her eyes, stated that when she asked cemetery caretakers how many people visited Willet's grave she was told that "only a few" came each year, and that's when Arbuckle decided to enter the contest and make sure that others knew the story about Willet so he "wouldn't be forgotten."
Her Ancestor Sang for Abraham Lincoln...
Eight-year-old Jordyn Savannah Young, Wellington, won in the twelve and under division with her story and research about her Great-great-great Grandmother, Maggie Corson McGinnis, who sang for Abraham Lincoln when she was a young girl growing up in Illinois. Young said that she became interested when her grandmother received a package with pictures and newspaper articles in it chronicling (and verifying) the family legend that Maggie had met, sang for, and spoken to Abe while he was campaigning to become president.

Prize winners presented their winning entries at the Monday, August 23rd SCHGS meeting.

The 2011 Contest begins in January...
The Sumner County Summer Genealogy Contest will begin in January, so start gathering up your family histories! The 2011  Rules and prizes will be announced at a later date.

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